05 May 2020

02 – Born Declaration

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* this is part (2) of “Can Is Born.”  A walk thru the events leading up to and effected by one heart song. *

Before “Born” my life was on “cruise control.”
My Family, Health and Businesses were thriving.
I was well-liked, received with smiles and welcomed
almost anywhere – without consideration.

My office was a stress-relieving space for everyone
that entered. From the outside looking in, what
was to come was unfathomable because there we
no precursors.

Connections in aviation afforded me an opportunity to
travel the world listed as the companion of an airline
employee  – with 20+ years of tenure.
(Translation: First Class: 96% success rate)

As late as 2013, Not many knew of my artistic pursuits
or placements.  In August of 2019, I had a conversation
with the owner of an international hip-hop magazine who
knew me best, and longest, as a businessman in NapTown.

Our conversations then, as they are now, were strategic.
Though as a publisher of hip-hop and lover of music,
she admits her pleasant surprise with my continuing and
ever-evolving story.

At that time in NapTown, Duke and I, were ambitious, self-driven
entrepreneurs recognized for our tact in the fields of Engineering,
Education, Technology and Business Strategy.  Duke was way
more into hardware whereas I fiddled around with data.

Our clientele was vast.  Ranging from politicians and robotic engineers,
to Data Center Security or the Design & Print of an Investigative Newspaper
based in Manhattan… we had our hands in a lot.