Looking at the cover image for MOMENTOS brings to my senses many of the people, locations and events around Berlin, MONEY CANT KILL MUSIC and CAN... Read More
May 2017

Growing Up

Growing up is a cycle that never stops The knowledge you’ve gained One day you must impart On the mind or the soul Or the... Read More
March 2017
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No Show Freestyle

4am in the morning Reading comments I find amazing Playing¬†“Baby You” from “1992” By The Game, I’m relating Reading comments from Torria changing Her life... Read More
October 2016
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Response to Benjamin on Globalization

Before I began to look at numbers, I went through historical accounts of fallen civilizations. Wars didn't wipe out civilizations. In fact, many wars allowed individual cultures to coexist within the gaps of their new rulers as cultural hybrids. Language, art, music and crafts were practiced in private with preservation of the cultural being a strong cue to continue.
August 2016

No More Folklore

Secrecy and privacy are 2 different things. If you hold on to either excessively then the narrative of truth becomes exaggerated folklore. After explaining to... Read More
July 2016
01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  1. 01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  2. 02 An Addictive Prick // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  3. 03 Many Mini Moments // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  4. 04 iBreathe ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  5. 05 Growing Up // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  6. 06 Running Back // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  7. 07 Its All Over // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  8. 08 Blameless ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos