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No Show Freestyle

4am in the morning Reading comments I find amazing Playing “Baby You” from “1992” By The Game, I’m relating Reading comments from Torria changing Her life... Read More
October 2016

Trust She

The has only been one woman I’ve met that I could trust enough to (1) turn my back on, thus allowing me to keep focus on oncoming threats and/or goals AND (2) who wouldn’t share things she knew were private for the sake of adding discord and discourse for her advantage. 
June 2016

Book. Mark.

"Cast the first stone if the person looking back at you in the mirror is better than us all."
November 2012
D.A.F.H.A.H. // Christiano Can - F.A.N.S
  1. D.A.F.H.A.H. // Christiano Can - F.A.N.S