Let Love In

"Christiano, you have to let love in..." or "Why are you resistant to receiving love?" or "Do you have an issue with being loved?"
May 2018
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Dualities of Awareness

What matters to me and what matters to someone else needn't be aligned to accomplish the same goal. I've "allowed" people in purposeful opposition of my being close enough to stab me for the sake of a bigger and shared vision. I'll take a few hits, hurts and bruises for love, growth and completion.
April 2018

Hi, Bri!

In this trove of gifts, I was reintroduced to a series of writings from 2012 handed to me from someone inspired by a week with me and my friends on the beach in Puerto Viejo.
March 2018

by what measure

In our “non-judgmental” society, Whose to say who suffers more And by what measure would it be quantified? When is suffering not enough?
March 2018