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Psychedelics disrupt my brains default safe mode, thus allowing intangible conscious constructs to enter my realm of being. The plants used to reach this realm are gifts from Gaia that have been deemed problematic by the ever-growing & ever-changing dominant control structure. A human on psychedelics would find it challenge, if not impossible, to promote artificial intelligence after experiencing the realm of the infinite.
October 2018
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MARS HAS WATER because HUMAN-LIKE BEINGS used to live there. HUMANOIDS destroyed the habitat on MARS and sent a pod to EARTH with ADAM & EVE.
September 2018
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It's all unraveling once more. Equally as chaotic, yet succinct is the bold and welcomed flavor of it all this time around.
August 2018

Always be careful of
What you hear about a man.
Rumors come from
Women that can’t have him and
Men who can’t compete with him.

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Pushing Dreams Out (Freestyle)

Senile Freestyle ( 27/06/18 ) - i can see how, I can be called senile. I’m barely seen out
. Breaking out of me now
. Coming for every cent sensibly owed to me now. Calling up my friends that placed their hopes in me now. To see how i could push our common dreams out.
June 2018

Riding in my spaceship
Grooving with the space shifts
Moving thru the asteroids
Cruising right past ya boy

We was in my space ship
Making our space shift
Every one around us
Seemed to go ape shit
Zoomed out on pyramids
Zoomed in on my feelings and
Thru the 4th dimension
The constant was your image and
You are with me….

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Let Love In

"Christiano, you have to let love in..." or "Why are you resistant to receiving love?" or "Do you have an issue with being loved?"
May 2018
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01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  1. 01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  2. 02 An Addictive Prick // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  3. 03 Many Mini Moments // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  4. 04 iBreathe ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  5. 05 Growing Up // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  6. 06 Running Back // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  7. 07 Its All Over // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  8. 08 Blameless ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos