Journey's Journal

15 June 2017


MOMENTOS is my most personal, mature and vulnerable art piece to-date. This is the first time that I open my #journal, the words and reflections that I write for me, and share it with you. The eBook is something that my friends are surprised i’m sharing.

The #growth that has taken place within me, the people that have been a part of this progress and the things that I can see growing are quite inspiring.

I live in #gratitude. Never have I taken a moment for granted, which is why i have been able to laugh even when life hurts. Labros you have played a major role in my life ever since receiving your message to rock almost 4 years ago following a random jam session. We’ve done so much that has been seen … and yet to be shared! Let’s go get’em!!!

Rebecka, had i never been touched by your soul … i cannot fathom where my road would have led me. You are, and continue to be, an energy that fills me with light! There is no #Momentos without you.

Freddie, I now understand why some projects take 10 years for you to touch. You have to be in a certain space to create. Every beat I have from you has taken me to a different creative space and I thank you for opening your library to me. If ever youre ready to take that leap and finish the project we spoke of… I’m ready now!

Donald and Mike Love, you two both invited me into many facets of your life. Mike, I remember all those nights in the basement after #WGCI and digging in the crates and selecting the songs that eventually led to an MTV Mixtape award. I remember being in the booth with you and getting a quick shoulder rub from MC Lyte because she thought I was a charming young man. Pro, seeing how you were infused with a love and passion for hip-hop, not to mention your #LoudRecords experience, and the introduction to Beto to record my 1st studio song, and so much more… man, i appreciate you both.

Kashanna, our introduction started with music. I was your “CD Man” and that led to us being life-partners. You have been my muse since… i cannot even remember and I thank you for the introduction to Big Wil. From “The Other Woman”, to “Let’s Make Love Again”, to “Born”, to “Passion To Vibe”, to “Okay”… and on, and on, and on… oh buddy… I hear you echo through my ears and soul almost everyday!

… listen to the music! #SHARE it even if you don’t like it; #play it loud and often if you #love it!

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01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  1. 01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  2. 02 An Addictive Prick // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  3. 03 Many Mini Moments // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  4. 04 iBreathe ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  5. 05 Growing Up // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  6. 06 Running Back // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  7. 07 Its All Over // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
  8. 08 Blameless ft. Quisha Musiq Can // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos