Journey's Journal

24 October 2016
waves of feelings, decisions and consequences.

a most unlikely reunion

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this is a most unlikely reunion
that is evolving every day.
it started with a laugh, an idea and an introduction
from Laurent and Severin at ZFK for a Sylvester Party in Germany.

today we are recycling plastic, playing with children,
looking at the stars and being painted by Marc in Costa Rica.

the events that occurred between these 2 points in time 
would never lead us to each other in any book or movie. 
this is “a most unlikely reunion.”

today we visited the beach, and no different than the day of her arrival,
the announcement of her departure to visit, or even the idea of seeing her once more,
i sat with kelly, and other times i sat alone looking at the stars, wondering,
how could someone who caused so much damage, spread so many damaging lies,
and was ready to emotionally hurt anyone around me,
be next to me now.

kelly would regularly ask me if i knew what i was doing.
i told him that “i have no idea what’s going on,
she’s on the way here.”

what i do know is that,
the band members, non-band members,
social media harassment,
instagram trolling,
facebook poems, and
hate-filled emails sent to brandon about me
were her way of doing anything to get me to speak to her.

there is a truth so dark in this relationship,
that i’ve only written it to myself and spoken it to one being.
when she learned why i had not spoken to her for those years,
it gave me a release that only a face-to-face exchange could accomplish.
it gave her 2.5 years to reflect upon with a new vsriable.

she successfully removed every weak link around me.
she was introduced to people via an exagerated story.
kelly and andrea knew of her through the tales of brandon and serena.
brandon has never met her, nor had serena.
it was the emails she sent trying to reach out to me
that gave brandon a tool that only he could use.
and he used it, well.

Jenny, Charlie, Rebecca, Labros and many more.
the story told to catch a storytellers attention was bold.
her happiness was not the same without me.
and i should not be happy so easily without her.
this is a most unlikely reunion
that is evolving every day.

why is she here?

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