Journey's Journal

02 August 2016

Open Me Up (1st Reference)

This is my discourse, Let’s discuss
Some of the things that led to your disgust
Let the pipe bust. Let’s the pressure go
No more side-stepping. I’m about to let it flow.

Long time since we spoke John,
Relationship so cold, we need Long Johns
History so wrinkled, we need 4 irons
You talked about taking it to the forearms
I looked at you like, “Dude, Please, C’mon…”
I was just in the basement writing my poems
Rehearsing my songs up in my zone
Next thing I knew you had the gun drawn.
I had the instinct to smirk, but I just yawned.
Thought about my plan for the next time.
Told Moms I had a gun drawn on me 2 times
Now those 2 are too hard to find.
She looked at me like… Are you implying…???
Man, the truth hurts and I couldn’t face lying
I did an about face and I left silent
Let the crib in the Tib then I hit
Lake Shore Drive and then I spent
Time with L-Boogie, my So Fly Chick
The first arm piece that I would acknowledge
1st Date, Poetry set where I spit
Between Khari B and Malik Yusef
“You killed the mic”is what Lik said
“You drilled last night”is what she said
She was on point, drove cats sick
I remember when she met Talib
He asked her who she was leaving with.
She said not him, I guess that got him
To make a new song and throw me a jab
L played the song, I just laughed
Then she brought up together forever
Off guard, I ran for the “Reset”
No button in sight, so we sat
She shared with me all of her reasons
I reason to say no… and I did.
Though I adored her.  I wasn’t for her.
Shortly thereafter,man, we split.

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01 Jazz On My Tongue // Christiano Can - CG3: Momentos
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