April 2018

Autistic Genius

Autism has followed me into my adult life... "His self-loving nature, avoidance of direct communication, unique way of thinking and looking at things that have been mentioned in biographies and literature clearly indicates that he was autistic."
April 2018
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Dualities of Awareness

What matters to me and what matters to someone else needn't be aligned to accomplish the same goal. I've "allowed" people in purposeful opposition of my being close enough to stab me for the sake of a bigger and shared vision. I'll take a few hits, hurts and bruises for love, growth and completion.
April 2018
D.A.F.H.A.H. // Christiano Can - F.A.N.S
  1. D.A.F.H.A.H. // Christiano Can - F.A.N.S