CG3: Momentos

CG3: Momentos

Genre : Hip-Hop-A-Liscious
Released Date : 15 / Jun / 2017
  1. 01 Jazz On My Tongue
  2. 02 An Addictive Prick
  3. 03 Many Mini Moments
  4. 04 iBreathe ft. Quisha Musiq Can
  5. 05 Growing Up
  6. 06 Running Back
  7. 07 Its All Over
  8. 08 Blameless ft. Quisha Musiq Can

“With his rhythmic and funky music, and profound storytelling, Christiano Can’s tracks guided me through an Odyssey of adventures, revealing the passion and heart of a mans soul journey.

And as a multi-dimensional artist and storyteller, Christiano knows how to weave you in and through a story, expressing his personal vulnerabilities, the somethings absurdity of human existence, and spacious awareness from surrender.”

– Edward Miller, TranSoulSync